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ADDAMS for Malibu Collection!

Welcome to the fabulous world of the "Malibu Collection"! This exciting collaboration is between three incredible Second Life brands, all adding a bit of Barbie-inspired sparkle into your Second Life adventure.

Seeking those iconic Barbie locks?️ Stealthic is at your service! They've styled the classic Barbie hair, with inspo right from the movie's magical beginnings.

Want to glow with Barbie's picture-perfect skin? Velour's got you! They've magically crafted skins to give you that flawless Barbie look.

And the fashion magic? Look no further than Addams! They've whipped up Barbie's stylish clothing set, taking cues from the movie's early scenes of fashionable fabulousness.

Together, Stealthic, Velour, and Addams have combined their creative superpowers to gift you the Malibu Collection, a playful homage to the Barbie movie. Every piece is a labor of love, waiting for you to enjoy! So come on in, dive headfirst into this Barbie dream!

Discover your own Barbie magic at our Second Life brands today:




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