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ADDAMS - Halloween release + Giveaway

Spooky Halloween Unleashed: GIVEAWAY + 8 Costume Sets Await!

Greetings, fellow Second Life aficionados! The spook-tacular season is here, and we're thrilled to unveil our special Halloween release, featuring a spine-tingling collection of 8 different costume sets.

These costumes are sold as packs (Top, skirt and underwear with writing), giving you a range of options to make your Halloween unforgettable. But there's more to this treat! We're brewing up a Halloween giveaway, and 5 lucky winners will have the chance to customize their very own Halloween costume!

The customization? You decide! From the color to your own wickedly creative wording for the underwear, let your imagination run wild! To join the spellbinding fun, simply like this post, drop your inworld name in the comments, and share this post with fellow Halloween enthusiasts.

And that's not all! This weekend only, we've conjured up a special offer for the pumpkin costume set at an eerie 60$L for Happy Weekend. It's the perfect way to embrace the Halloween spirit in style!

So, are you ready to celebrate the creepiest holiday of the year in spine-chilling fashion?

Dive into our Halloween release and make your Second Life Halloween dreams come true!

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