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ADDAMS Kenadee Set!

Hey, fashion-forward Second Life crew!

We've got an exciting arrival that's set to elevate your virtual wardrobe. Feast your eyes on the Kenadee Set, complete with fresh styles and adaptable socks that pair perfectly with those denim pants!

This ensemble is all about blending style and comfort, designed to fit your beloved Second Life body types.

Whether you're rocking Maitreya/Petite, Legacy/Perky, GenXCurvy/GenXClassic, Reborn, or Kupra, we've got your back!

Don't miss out on this fashion-forward must-have. Grab your Kenadee Set today and add a touch of flair to your virtual collection.

Keep in mind we also have an awesome limited-time offer for one color swatch of each piece 60L$ for Happy Weekend sale

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