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Belleza GEN.X V1.4 New Feature and 50% Off Sale

Belleza GEN.X V1.4 50% OFF Sale runs until August 20th

Belleza GEN.X V1.4 has a NEW FEATURE: Asymmetric BOM - this allows you to wear a BOM tattoo only on your left arm. With this you can weat different tattoo on each arm!

They would also be having a 50% Sale on their Belleza GEN.X V1.4 bodies until August 20th and the prices are as follows:

Belleza GEN.X V1.4 Curvy and Classic:

LITE Version: 1550L (original price 3099L)

REGULAR Version: 1750L (original price 3499L)

PREMIUM Version: 2750L (original price 5500L)

FATPACK Version: 4400L (original price 8800L)

Hurry and get this chance to these amazing bodies!

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