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DreamScape Designs Sunflower Nook Collection Sale runs from the March 18th -19th.


This collection consists of art, day bed, floor vase, rug, and side table. The classic art is reimagined still life painting, framed in a classic black carved wood frame. A lovely stack of old books and glass makes a great place for a drink or picture of your significant other. The corner day bed is constructed of noir stained hardwood, and covered in a fun and whimsical silk sunflower comforter and coordinating silk and brocade fabrics. You'll love the adorable single and double animations. The area rug is meant to anchor the look with a neutral weave of wool. The tall travertine floor vase has a lively collection of greenery. The finishing touch to this nook is the classic framed sunflower art trio. All combined make an elegantly whimsical reading nook. Perfect for any plane corner of any room.