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Mischief Managed (Harry Potter Roleplay)

Mischief Managed (Harry Potter Roleplay) is opening its doors on October 29th from 2-5 PM SLT for all SL users for a light roleplay Trick or Treat.

This Hallowe'en Mischief Managed is really getting into the spooky season and we are hosting a "soft in-character" trick-or-treating event at Godric's Hollow for both the Mischief Managed community and the wider Second Life community! Our roleplayers will be waiting in their coolest costumes ready to give out tricks or treats to any community member who wants to come on over! There is no obligation to roleplay, no cost involved, we just want to welcome friends old and new to our community! So don your disguise and head on over on October 29th between 2 and 5pm slt! We hope to see you there!

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