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Not Found & Avi-glam Collab!

Both brands have teamed up to create a body for those looking to achieve a slim and soft look. Unlike the current male bodies sold at the Not Found store, this body will only include a "Normal and Soft" skin for now.

The Not Found & AG body skin comes in the following tones: Pale, Ruddy, Medium, Hinti, Tan, Light Brown, Brown, and Dark Brown. For this initial release we only created a fit for the Legacy male body, but we will adapt to other bodies in the coming weeks.

These body skins are not sold individually, but rather, in two separate fat packs (L$975 for each pack). - Light Pack Includes: Pale, Ruddy, Medium, and Hinti - Dark Pack Includes: Tan, Light Brown, Brown, and Dark Brown

You can find the Not Found & AG body at the following: