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Bloom! x .Enfant Terrible Collab

 En'kara Fair 14th till 24th March opened


Enfant Terrible - Nyphadora Camisk. This comes in the following body sizes and several colors and a fatpack

 - LaraX & petite

- Lecgacy & Perky

- GenX Classic- Ebody Reborn & Waifu

Each color has a single color HUD included to change the metal and gemstone colors, as well as being available in a sheer and opaque version. 

Enfant terrible - Nyphadora Cuffs

- Comes with a Metal and Gemstone Texure hud

- Cuffs compatible with the Nyphadora Cage  

Bloom! Originals - Nyphadora Cage

- Bloom! Originals - Nyphadora Cage Black

- Bloom! Originals - Nyphadora Cage Gold- Bloom! Originals

- Nyphadora Cage Metal Comes with Single, Couple, Single Adult, Couple Adult animations, Texture changer on Pillow. RLV Enabled, Kool Door enabled.

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