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ViSion for Happy Weekend

Sybil Pants Update 60L Offer

Sybil Heels & Mae Top Update 50% OFF

Sybil is composed of a sophisticated pair of high waisted pegged pants and a pair of high heel mule sandals. In the image you can see Mae Top.

Sybil pants and Mae Top have been updated to LaraX and Waifu (top). If you already own the pieces you can get an update from our redelivery system.


- 60L Sybil Pants Single Color

- 50% OFF Sybil Heels, Mae Top and the Fatpack options.


LaraX + Lara + Petite - Legacy + Perky - Freya - Kupra - Reborn + Waifu - Gen.X Classic

Sybil Pants also include Gen.X Curvy

Happy Shopping!

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