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 You can advertise anything SL- related:

- business - store brand, organization, estates, services or something else of the sort

- event, fair, sales

- community - inworld & media socials SL communities - inworld group, SL-related Facebook, page or something else of the sort

- activity - RP Sim/Location or something else of the sort

- Hangout spot - Clubs, themed Parties or something else of the sort

- Influencer streams / YouTube Channel / IG account / or something else of the sort

- something else? Give us a suggestion


◘ About us:

Our marketing specialists are one of the best in terms of SL advertisement. You know the impact of ACCESS Management events, rest assured this project is already promising and the perfect tool to invest in your business.

 We indeed have the perfect tools and the advantage to have available  THE BIGGEST Second Life Facebook Page to advertise with - Essential Inventory Facebook  Page >> (32k followers),

the Facebook Group coming to it (3k members) and Flickr stream with 2, 2k followers.


You can book any type of advertisement,  also a special Social Boost Package to give a push-up to your event/business/service on any date you want. 


• See all types of Advertisements we offer visually here:

Add or Book a  Social Boost Package as an add-on to your Advertising too


 Social Boost Package

A Special Package featuring The Best marketing tactics to give a powerful Push-Up exposure to your post 


- Pinned Post - Ess. Inv - Instagram 
- Flickr Post + Link to the EI Post

- Story in FB

- Story in IG

- Post in Ess Inv Facebook Group

- Shares in the most popular FB groups


Social Boost can be added to any type of advertising, as long as the required photo format & size is delivered on time.

Who Are We

Who We Are

ACCESS events Management came up with another successful project!

Essential Inventory will be your premiere resource for The Best in Second Life:


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