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Get Special Exposure Package & Weekly coverages

Special  perks and features offered only to our loyal members!


➽ What is Essential Inventory's Loyalty Program?

This is a Special Package of features and services we will happily provide for you on a weekly basis, via a loyalty subscription plan. This subscription plan cost 8000L$ monthly, spaces are limited



➽ What does it include?

ALL approved Loyalty program members (designers, events, and other businesses) will receive featured:


  • 1 FREE  advertising of your own choice every month of your subscription plan

  • Social Boost Package* included on a date of your choice (depending on availability)

  • Pinned post on Essential inv FB page (32k followers) on a date of your choice

  • Weekly coverage - 1 post mid-week or weekends (you chose when) Shared on Website + ALL social media

  • FREE Listing on the Black Friday Sales List

  • Email-Marketing (subscription based) for each post published on the E.I. site


*Social Boost Package includes:

- Website Post

- Pinned Post on Ess. Inv - Instagram 

- Flickr Post + Link to the EI Post

- Trendy Story on FB /using a special paid app for the cool stories with the latest popular trends/

- Trendy Story on IG /using a special paid app for the cool stories with the latest popular trends/

- Post in Ess Inv Facebook Group

- Share on our DISCORD shoppers community

- Shares in the most popular FB groups


More detailed information will be provided on acceptance.



➽ If you are interested in receiving all this on a monthly/weekly basis, please submit the form below and respond asap if being contacted about it by our LP Coordinator.


• Important:

Loyalty Program members will be selected number as we are unable to offer so many features to all applicants. We are apologizing in advance for that.

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